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Leafy Greens and Heads

Arugula: Baby, Rustica
Rucolla - Arugula Sylvetta Ruccola
Braising Mix
Broccoli: DeCiccio, English Purple Sprouting, Romanesco,
Broccoli Leaf (Spiegarello)
Chicory Escarola
Chicory Mix (salad)
Treviso Radicchio
Endive: Frisee
Fennel various sizes
Amaranth baby leaves
Fava leaf
Dandelion Greens: Red, Green in Baby and full size
Beet Tops Baby: Red, Green
Cabbage January King Savoy
Chard Baby: Gold, Green, Red, Rainbow
Chard Young/Bunched: Gold, Green, Red, Orange, Strawberry, Rainbow
Collard Greens: Winter and Summer
Kale baby and full size: various types
Mustard Red
Mustard Yellow
Orach: Magenta, Purple, Green, Rainbow
Persian Cress
Red/Green Spinach mix
Savoy Spinach
Baby Lettuce mixes
Rabe: Arugula, Baby Bok Choi, Collard, Brassica, Mustard, Tatsoi
Salad Mixes